Saturday, March 10, 2012

Melba’s Chocolate Factory Woodside

Being surrounded by fantastic gourmet foods, wines and produce is one of the luxuries of living in the Adelaide Hills.  And there’s always something here for the kids too (or the kid in all of us!).

35km’s from Adelaide on the Onkaparinga Valley Road is the town of Woodside, and just outside of town you’ll find Melba’s Chocolate Factory.  Using 1940s era confectionery making equipment, Melba’s manufacture their large range of chocolate and confectionery products on-site. 

From the moment you walk through the door you’ll be overpowered by the aroma of chocolate, liquorice and other confectionery being made fresh on the premises.  The interior is decorated with a myriad of antique signage, heritage shop-fittings and old packaging in keeping with the heritage status of the building and the 1940s equipment being used.  Surrounding the main shop area are rooms where the manufacturing occurs.  These are barricaded off, but otherwise open, allowing visitors the opportunity to view the traditional confectionery making techniques being used.

Melbas produce a wide variety of confectionery, from liquorice sticks and chocolate frogs to scorched almonds and rocky road.  If you have kids prepare for the onslaught!

If you are a sweet tooth then Melba’s Chocolate Factory is an ideal destination or stop during your next visit to the Adelaide Hills.  

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