Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wine Barrels

It's vintage time in the Adelaide Hills.  It's the time of year when pickers and harvesters descend upon the vineyards.  Word is that bunch sizes are small and yields are down but quality is top notch, meaning it will be a year of exceptional quality wines from the Adelaide Hills region.

Passing by Simon Greenleaf Wines in Lobethal today I noticed he had barrels for sale for $45!  It would be even better if they were full of wine for that price!  It's great marketing for the winery too - on such a prominent corner passers-by are drawn to the display (and great price).  They then meet the winemaker and are introduced to a new brand they may not have otherwise.  Basic but effective!

It's a great price for wine barrels considering how much Bunnings or some of the landscaping stores charge for them.  A great addition to your home bar or courtyard.  Cut in half they make for great planters too.  I know where I'm stopping on my way home today!  That's what's great about living in the Adelaide Hills - I never know what I'm going to stumble across next!

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