Thursday, March 8, 2012

Old Tailem Town Ghost Tours

Just when I think I know all the cool, unique things about the Adelaide Hills, something else comes my way that gets me excited!  This one's not strictly Adelaide Hills (it's a little further out), but well worth a mention as a unique experience!

90km’s from Adelaide you’ll find Old Tailem Town – Australia’s largest Pioneer Village.  Featuring over one hundred buildings dating from the late 19th Century.  Old Tailem Town is worthy of a visit at any time, and I’ll review it in another blog.  But, it’s what happens when the tourists go home and darkness falls that has me intrigued.

Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons conduct weekly ghost tours at Old Tailem Town!   Every weekend, these paranormal field investigators will guide you through Old Tailem Town’s haunted places.  Guests will hear the chilling tales from the group’s investigations of the site and question whether ghosts really do exist and do they continue to haunt these buildings.  Paranormal Field Investigators are long established ghost hunters in Adelaide.  During the ghost tour they will not only discuss their investigations but will also play possible evidence captured during their investigations of not only Old Tailem Town, but other haunted places in South Australia.

If you don’t believe in things that go bump in the night, or you are a believer wanting to put your own ghost hunting skills to the test, then the Paranormal Investigations Tour may be just what you’re looking for!  These tours differ from the traditional ghost tours as guests get to try their own hand at ghost-hunting!  Guests stay back after the guided tour, and spend some time with the paranormal investigations team to experience what it is like to spend some quiet time in the dark in the reportedly active areas of the township for an hour or two!

If nothing else, it's a fun and unique way to spend a night with some friends in the Adelaide Hills.  Well worth a try!

Ghost tours are $28, and the Investigations Tours are $65.  Can’t find a gift for that hard to please friend?  Why not buy one of the Ghost Tour Gift Vouchers?

Bookings can be made with Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons via the following:

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